Costa del Este is an exclusive real estate development zone in Panama City. It was designedwith first world standards, completely underground cabling, restricted access developments,independent plant for wastewater processing, sidewalks, parks, shopping centers, banks,restaurants, the renowned Pacifica Health Hospital, office buildings that house multinationalcompanies such as Maersk, Samsung, Proctor & Gamble among others, and ResidentialSkyscrapers. Costa del Este is a small, completely sustainable modern city that is mostlyinhabited by upper class families and only a few minutes from Panama City.The Costa del Este Project was presented to public in 1995 and has become one of thegreatest real estate development areas in Panama City. It is crossed by the South Corridor,connected a few minutes from the city by a marine bridge two (2) kilometers long, and afew minutes from the Tocumen International Airport.A Great Real Estate Market Capital Gain and Prestigeous ZoneWe extend this opportunity to visionary investors interested in being part ofPDC -Panama Design CenterWe offer for investment the purchase of two (2) commercial premises, one onthe ground floor (L-5) and the other just above on level 100 (L-22). The area ofeach commercial premise is of 943 sq. ft. or 87.61 m2, having an internal sectionavailable where a staircase can be installed, turning them into a commercialspace with two (2) floors having a total area of 1,886 sq. ft. or 175.22 m2.PRICEGround Floor Level 1 Both Levels$622,031 $543,182 $1,165,213The commercial complex is composed of three levels of commercial premises and a 10-story office tower. It has more than 20,000 m2 of construction, facilities for employees andvisitors, and security systems with cutting-edge technology.The Commercial Premises have high exposure to high traffic lanes, visitor parking in frontof the premises, multiple vertical accesses for easy tour of the square, 2 high-speed panoramicelevators and escalators in the main lobby. It is delivered in gray with forecasts for centralair (tower cooling system) and electricity.Rental of Commercial Premises? Ground Floor: $ 45 / m2? Level 100: $ 40 / m2

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